Celebration of Life for Richard James Hannigan

Thank you for joining the Celebration of Richard Hannigan’s Life.

Meeting ID: 899 2682 5725
Passcode: 833386


The portion of this ceremony available via Zoom will begin approximately around 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. (PST). We’re estimating because we do not know when we’ll be back from Richard’s burial.

The Celebration of Life portion of the day will include words from some of Richard’s family in the room, the sharing a slideshow from Richard’s family photos, and then an opportunity for folks on Zoom to say a few words if desired.

Follow Up Recording & Photos

Photos of the burial site and ceremony may be shared on this page after the Celebration of Life, but may not be shared during depending on how everyone is feeling. But a video of the entire Celebration of Life will be available on this page after it is finished.

Email Updates

Sign up on the form below if you would like email updates for when the Celebration of Life is beginning on Zoom and/or for updates as to when the recording and photos are uploaded to this page.